Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Urban Dictionary

Have you ever really thought about Urban Dictionary? its like the mainstream place to put people down or take out your frustration in a situation. Its actually pretty funny. Try it, go to right now and look up something, a name, a place, or just browse through for something in the index. its hilarious. People are just trying to "say something" but really its just saying- "this person made me really mad, so im going to make a definition about them." Now back to the significance of this finding.
I was thinking about this little bit of insight I had, but I wasn't planning on blogging on it, I mean its not really that noteworthy, but the more I thought about it, the more I thought that it kind of represents something larger. Everyone always talks about how the internet gives people so many more opportunities to be someone else, you know be bolder online than offline. I mean, we've heard it all, cyber-bullying, online predators, spam mail, the internet has opened up a whole new world, not only for good, but for bad. Now, I'm not saying anything against UrbanDictionary, I love UrbanDictionary. Its hillarious. Its the perfect place for inside jokes and even to look up crazy slang terms you've never heard of that aren't in the real dictionary, or that they don't have the meaning you know the speaker was trying to convey. Basically, UrbanDictionary rocks. Buuuuttt..... I think its important to point out to people, that although UrbanDictionary can't let you directly hurt others, Its just another reminder of all that we are capable of, good or bad.

So, here's my plug-of-the day: don't let a silly, bitter situation make you do something you would regret online. When you really think about it, it doesnt matter where you do it, online or off, you could be hurting someone or just letting your frustration come out in other ways, in any case, try to keep it nice.

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