Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Google VOICE ?

Google- the information highway- it has even become a verb: to search for something on the Google search engine (and yes that was from a dictionary). It is used for everything. I bet half of you don’t even know how much you use Google. You like YouTube? That’s owned by Google. Do you have e-mail? I bet it’s gmail (owned by Google). And think of all the nifty things Google has that you don’t use like notebook, or Google health- even this blog is owned by Google. So basically what I'm trying to say is that everything is owned by Google. However, it has all come into a new world with Google's next little invention- GOOGLE VOICE. Basically, Google voice is tight. It takes phones to a whole new level. It’s free, here’s what you do: you sign up; Google gives you a "Google number". This is a phone number you can use through Google. Then to that number you put all your phone numbers in that account. Then when contacts from certain groups call you have certain phones ring, or all your phones. So if your friend calls it just goes to your cell. If you mom calls it goes to your home, cell, and work phone. If you boss calls it just goes to your work phone, and if its that really annoying cousin it just goes straight to your voicemail- because oh yeah, you check that online now from all your phones instead of checking each one individually. You also have the option of having them all converted to text so you just read them, or have them sent to your email so you know you get them. I know this is all pretty cool, almost too much to take (or believe for that matter) so here's a link you can check out for yourself.

Just a little disclaimer- don't say I didn't warn in you in 2020 or whatever that Google is going to take over the world, they control everything, everything that we see and hear and now even our phones. But hey, sometimes you just have to take a risk :)

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