Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Foreign Policy

In one of my classes we've been working on what we think would be the ideal foreign policy, which got me thinking- what would mine be? so here's a list of some of my things, then a little overview of what I think we should do. I'm normaly not a huge fan of this kind of stuff, but this has actually been pretty interesting.
  • Critical places
    North/South Korea
    MIDDLE EAST (Iraq &

    - N Korea (S Korea)
    - Mexico
    - Terrorism
    o Iraq
    o Afghanistan

    o China

    - Africa
    - Middle East
    - Sudan

    - Europe
    o United Nations
    § Great Britain
    § France
    § Germany
    § China
    o EU
    o NATO

    - NIA, CIA, FBI
    o China
    o Russia
    o North Korea

    Nuclear Proliferation
    - North Korea
    - Libya
    - Russia

A little overview of it all:

My Foreign policy would be to protect the U.S.’s interests and safety in other countries around the world as well as to support humanitarian efforts in many countries. A few critical areas that I think are the most important are China, North and South Korea, the Middle East, Mexico, Europe, and Africa. Not only do these regions represent important economical allies for the U.S. but their well-being and peace would greatly affect the U.S., and some even pose a direct threat to the U.S. Its goal would be to stabilize countries in these regions to increase the U.S.’s standing in these nations. It would try to avoid the mistakes of previous policies by being to involved and making enemies because the US is too involved, but it would also try to avoid the mistake of remaining isolated and let the rest of the world fight around us and making us vulnerable to attack.
As for humanitarian efforts, this Foreign Policy would focus on impoverished countries and civil rights injustices. Our job would be to keep the US involved in these countries to ensure the safety of their people. This not only benefits the people living in these countries, but also helps to keep the peace in those regions which prevents civil and regional disputes and keeps the US out of more in-depth involvement. It also helps to ensure that the US has more peace and makes the country safer. Secondly, this program would not only look to adjust our relations with far away countries but to better secure our borders and to make sure that all immigrants to the United States are legal. Thirdly, this foreign policy would focus on removing terrorism from the Middle East, as well as other critical areas.

click here for more information on the US's foreign policy programs.

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