Wednesday, April 7, 2010

IPads, kindles, nooks and other confusing objects

The new phase of electronic book reading has really begun to hit the market. It seems like every couple months some company comes out with some sort of new electronic book reader. Let me see If I can list them off:
The Kindle
The nook
The iPad
The SONY eReader

So kindles are like the original of eReaders, in fact they are really the most common one, if people say they have an eReader it is probably a Kindle. They are pretty cool. They have a simple user interface and can be used for long periods of time with a large clear screen display. They also have a really neat feature that most other eReaders don't have : their text to speech function which can turn some books into audio books.

Nooks are cool. They have a touch screen :) no really the nooks are pretty neat because they have the scroll through function that allows you to literally flip through you library based on its cover. To many die hard eBook readers seems frivolous, but to us cool techy people who just want to play with a new gadget, its pretty dang cool. Future versions might also come with 3G coverage plans which could be an advantage, or not- but at least you can choose.

Now for the true techy geeky person these are cool. Like really cool. They are like giant iTouches but more. I know, hard to believe. It can really do anything. Its like a mini laptop but all touch screen, and more portable. Of course it doesn't have a CD ROM drive, but its not supposed to, its an eReader isn't it? it is but it isn't. It was advertised as apples version of eReader, but it also has the capability to do so much more. A few drawbacks could be that it doesnt have flash, but hey, its apple. Also, future versions will require a contract with AT&T for $15 bucks a month for 3G coverage, but for some that could be a plus, no more searching for wi-fi hotspots. (However it would be nice to have a choice, unfortunately Apples not strong in the freedom of choice department).

SONY eReader
The SONY eReader is nice for cheapies. not a bad choice, it can do a lot of things, kind of the generic of eReaders. Unfortunately its not very compatible with mainstream companies, but it is cheaper than most and it has some pretty nice features and a lot of different models which is nice- you can pick regular size, touch screen, or pocket size. You can also pick a color, like silver black or pink.

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