Tuesday, March 9, 2010

International Women's Day

March 8th marks the date of International Women's Day, which is celebrated around the world and in some countries is marked as a national holiday.

I think womens rights, especially throughout history is really interesting so, thats one reason I decided to blog about that today. It was first proposed by Clara Zetkin at the second International Conference of Working women in 1910. It started the next year. It was a huge success and as governements began to recognize the holiday, it has remained a large part of the world today.
Today, IWD is marked by speeches and meetings to celebrate the strides made by women all around the world. It is usually marked by a theme every year which can vary depending on the country or region. This year, the theme of the United Nations is Equal Rights, equal opportunities: Progress for All. The UN has also recently started their campaign UNiTE to end violence among women. The idea is that though women in most developing countries support and feed the family they have little politica and social representation and opportunities.
President and Mrs Obama addressed IWD to disscuss the progress of women all over the world throughout history. As the president spoke to encourage women around the world and commend the women who helped to make those great strides, he still recognized some of the gender inequality that still exists and pledged to help support the advancement of the equality of women.
Overall, I feel that the strides we have made as women are significant, and the strides we will make are also significant. We simply must remember no to feel superior, that we are a part of the future-- not the ruler. I think often as women we feel that we have been supressed so long that we now deserve to be superior, although when you think about it, the more powerful we get the more we become like men-- the ones we used to criticize.

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