Monday, March 8, 2010


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Do you ever get that?? you have no idea what to say so you just roll your fingers accross the keyboard? well, thats what that was.

This past week has been, well interesting. for the most part it was a fairly boring week. Studying for finals, taking the finals, then getting a three-day weekend, well that was pretty nice, but still boring. This seems to illustrate my point- life can be boring, at least right now it is mostly for three reasons: One, its march, kind of springy but still kind of cold and lifeless. Two, school. need I say more? Three, well, nothing new and exciting is happening. Life seems to take those turns, the ones where you sit quietly and wait for something new to come into your life. The title of this post is from one of my favorite books as a child. It was about two boys, who over summer vacation got bored, and their mother told them they should go outside and do something, something useful like she did when she was young. They decide that they want to fly an airplane, so they find a book and make an airplane out of odds and ends around the house. They take the wheels off the grill and the baby carriage, they use lawn chairs for seats and fence posts for wood and bed sheets to cover the whole thing. It makes me laugh to think about all those extremes but looking back now I think that even I could be persuaded to make an airplane.
I guess my point is that sometimes, life just seems to be on auto-pilot. You're simply biding your time until something important comes along. For me it seems that I must wait until, well a long time. Summer vacation is aways away, I still have quite a while before applying to colleges it seems, and the rest of my high school career has been carefully planned and supervised so I'm simply floating through life right now.
I feel that its important to tell you that its not like I feel that my life is useless, on the contrary I believe there is a special purpose on my life, on everyones life- it just seems that sometimes we can get carried away with feeling like theres too little to do, and right now I feel the same way. I feel that its just a quiet time in my life, which most people would be grateful for, but let me tell you, I'm ready for some excitement!
So let me encourage you, one and all, keep your chin up and keep pluggin' away! At the beginning of this blog even I felt like I was so bored I would fall asleep right then, but now? well now I feel like looking for some excitement! Who knows what I'll have to say next time?

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