Sunday, March 14, 2010


Quietly, slowly, it comes on sneakily in a way that we can't hardly even tell if its really happening. What am I talking about? Peace. Its something that we often take for granted because often it can be over in a blink of an eye. I think often when we think of peace we don't realize what it is. Peace can come in so many different packages. It can be a quiet evening at home, or just a few moments to yourself. Often times I don't think we notice it until its over. Thats basically what happened to me tonight. I often look forward to Sunday evenings because it is my evening of peace. Almost everyones gone so its usually an evening of quietness, not entirely to myself, but very close and I enjoy that- then the rest of the family comes home and, well I realize what I've lost.
This is family. A crazy mix of quiet an crazy never quite leaving you alone for more than a second. Mothers for example- they want to know everything. They question and sometimes nag and sometimes you just wish that they would leave you alone, but then again. what would the world do without mothers? Thats the key I think, it's tough to know when its ok and when its not. Often I feel like my family is bearing down on you- more than you want to deal with. Its so tough to describe or explain things to your inquisitive family when you can hardly explain things to yourself in your own mind. But then again, often times thats what it takes to straighten things out in your mind, someone who wont put up with a B.S. answer and really pushes you to discover the real thing.
So I guess that no matter what family is something we have for a reason. Without them we may feel temporary peace, but often we don't understand the real peace, because real peace is knowing that no matter how tough or crazy or unsure your life may be, you will always have someone to always keep you on the ground.

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