Thursday, March 18, 2010


  • I'm thinking about starting a series on different places to travel, to go a long with my little spring break theme of how to travel well, so to take a break from thinking about my very strenuous job of filling out the rest of my list, I will babble a little bit about France. I chose France because I'm in french, and a lot of the people in my class are going on the class trip to France so, I will discuss this country for a while.

Ah Paris! the city of lights and love; what more could you ask for? A lot. You can't just go somewhere and expect the place, even a famous place like Paris, to entertain you. You must use the city, take everything it has to offer then ask for more. However cheesy and philosophical this may sound, its true.

I recently went on a trip to Paris (France in general) and had a blast! it was great, the food was fantastic, the people friendly, the walking- terrible, but worth it. I really enjoyed the whole atmosphere of France, it was very inviting, although sometimes very intimidating as well. One time, my friend and I were ordering our food in french and the waiter straight up told my friend, "speak in English, your French is terrible." We laughed so hard, although like I said, the people can be very intimidating although they are nice.

There are a few places that, if you go to France, you must go to. Thats just how it is, you need to see them, like think how dissapointing if you went toi france and came back and there were a few places that you hadn't been, like the Eiffel tower. So the list is..... :

The Eiffel Tower

L'Arc de Triumph

Notre Dame

Sacre Coeur

Le Louvre

Palais de Popes

Monaco (a principality outside of france)

So dont forget, if your making a trip to France anytime soon, please dont leave out any of these wonderfull monuments, not only because you have to keep up your reputation, you have to maintain some credibility and these are some of the most fabulous places you will ever go, They are perfectly fabulous and beautiful.

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