Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Art of Travel

Traveling is one of, what I consider, the great American arts. Everyone goes somewhere- at least its a lot more common here than it is in many other nations. We see it every year, spring break comes around and everyone says "yeah I'm going to Florida" or Mexico or the Bahamas or somewhere. It seems that everyone wants to go somewhere and most people do- so as spring break is just around the corner, I'm going to talk about travel, not just where to go and what to do, but how to travel and travel well.

1. The first step in traveling is Packing. Wherever you go everyone needs to pack so that your prepared for every adventure, but you still need to be able to fit all that stuff in a suitcase and then fit that suitcase in a plane, train or automobile! Hence, packing would be the first step.
In order to pack efficiently you need lists. For me that starts with everything. I like to set up the lists in cattegories like "pre-trip" "essentials" "clothes" etc... and then within those categories you add all the things you will need. Now, lists are not required and for many people and for most of my own life I got by just fine with out a list, but let me tell you, the minute I switched over my life got that much easier. For some people checking up online is also helpful. There are many sites that will create a general packing list based on gender, how your getting there, and even the size of your suitcase. This is helpful to keep your packing to a minimum and to make sure you don't forget anything. Heres a great site I found.

2. Shoes: need I say more? shoes are an essential no matter what which is why put them in their own category, they have a sort of trancence, being that they are so key to wherever you go. No matter where you're going you will want a good pair of walking shoes. I don't care if your going to Vegas, you might be partying it up with stillettos at night, but hey, what about during the day? who knows if you'll want to go on a hike to see the Navada Desert. I have yet to be able to find a cheap, comfortable pair of walking shoes that don't look absolutely hideous. I mean, you see some of those shoes that people say are not really that bad, but I'll be the first to admit- I want my shoes to look good, I don't want just so so shoes I want HOT shoes that stand out and, sadly enough I have yet to find those dream shoes, so If you find any, PLEASE!! please!! let me know...

The rest of the list? well I'm still working on that, I know there will be a little more about how to pack and how to actually do the traveling part, you know when your actually on the plane...

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