Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Irish Immigration: The Potato Famine

Irish Immigration: The Potato Famine
As the potato famine worsens across the ocean in Ireland, an influx of Irish immigrants are coming to America. In our own New York, the numbers of Irish immigrants is reaching upwards to fifty~thousand, absorbing any unskilled work available. It has become, almost, a rite of passage of a young man in Ireland, to leave his family and scope out a new place for them in prosperous America. It leaves Americans at quite the disadvantage, with this surge of people and a shortage of housing. Cheap housing has become unattainable, and the conditions are unbearable. The Irish lodgings are in disrepair and in firm need of a cleanly woman.
Heading to the filthiest districts of our cities, especially in New York, NY and Boston, MA, they are bringing the credibility of our nation down with their bawdy behavior and catholic practices. In fact, their Catholicism is a threat to our democracy. It has many a man concerned that their pope will soon have more control over American affairs then our own president Polk.
Not only are the good citizens of New York concerned for our democracy but the safety of our communities and families. The Irish bring along with them not only their songs and traditions, but their drunkenness and immorality. It is unsafe for our women and children to roam the streets with their dirty children and laundry littering the streets. They are bringing pests and unsavory values to pollute our communities.
The famine has caused much turmoil and distress among the law abiding citizens of our community. The Irish are plaguing them in their need for money, yet they are still out of luck. If they give a job to an Irishman, other than unskilled hard labor, the job is quite unlikely to be finished appropriately. The famine worsens, the influx of Immigrants increases, there-fore leaving Americans to cope with the consequences and a shortage of quality workers. As soon as this famine ends, the better for all, although it is a rather widespread concern that our country, once polluted, will be forever tainted.

Another something I've written, it's in first person, I added a bit more recently just to make it a little more up-to-date, This Kind of stuff is really interesting to me so I hope you enjoyed it!

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